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Makes The Perfect Gift!


Looking for the perfect gift?

Do you or someone you know dream of being an author?

Do you know someone who "knows it all" - or thinks they do?

Then you're at the right place!

With Custom Blank Books you choose the topic, put the "author's" name on it, then let us do the rest. Within a few days your professionally produced book will arrive. The cover will look like a traditionally published book - just like you buy at the bookstore. It's a standard 5" x 8" size with 144 pages.

The key is - all the pages are blank!

That's right. There is no printing in the book - even though the cover includes the custom name on the front cover and spine. Plus there are rave reviews of the book on the back cover - and an "About the Author" paragraph. You'll even see the bar code!

"The book was a hit ! ! I really liked the back cover feature . All the reviews . . too funny . It brought a lot of laughs yesterday afternoon , at the retirement roast and toast."

Glenn McKinney
Houston, TX

So while it appears to be a "real" book at first blush it leaves you space to create your own. Everyone will smile when they see it! Plus, we'll include a bookmark giving 10 ways to use your custom blank book.

Whether for you or a friend, your boss or secretary, your golf buddy or fellow fisherman, your pregnant daughter or soccer-playing son, you'll have a book you won't forget.

We have a growing number of titles every day - just browse the categories above. Or request your own custom blank book! Here's just a few of our recent custom blank books.


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